Pride in Learning Social Skills

Our PLSS summer day camp is designed to foster collaboration between typical peers and peers struggling with ASD, ADHD and other social language disorders. PLSS day camps are about successfully navigating the social world. 

We encourage and expand on our campers’ language and problem solving skills using evidence based approaches in natural settings. PLSS campers learn from each other as well as from their instructors. We accept 6 campers with social skills difficulties and 4 – 5 peer volunteers. The one-to-one therapist/peer sessions and community intervention program is the cornerstone of our unique approach. 

All of our campers must be screened to ensure that the camp will be an appropriate fit for the camper.

We recommend this camp for children diagnosed with ADHD, Language Disorders, Language Delays, Autism, and any Developmental Disorder that impacts a child’s social relationship.

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Camp Dates & Times (dates are subject to change)

Session 1: Week of June 19th – Week of July 10th
Session 2: Week of July 17th– Week of August 7th

How Does it Work?

    • Clients are grouped according to similar needs, personalities, age range and skill level.
    • We invite 2-3 neuro-typical peers to these groups to increase more natural opportunities and generalization of the skills.
    • Groups typically consist of 3 – 4 children, with 1 or 2 speech pathologists leading the groups.
    • Parents are welcome to attend field trips, but they cannot participate with kids as we are attempting to foster independence and problem solving
    • We offer each group in two sessions, lessons will change if the same campers enroll in both sessions. However, if we enroll new campers, we will repeat similar lessons from the previous sessions.

Your Child Will Love PLSS Camp!