How Does An Evaluation Help My Child?

The purpose of an evaluation is to determine the underlying reasons for the child’s speech and language challenges. There are different reasons for why children may have speech and language challenges.  For example, a child with a hearing loss can have pragmatic language disorder because they are unable to hear and when the hearing is corrected then the social issues are resolved. Similarly, a child with ADD or a child with a language processing disorder may have pragmatic language issues and instead of working on social skills per say, the child would need support for language skills or support for the ADD. 

Therefore, an evaluation helps with appropriate recommendation, treatment plan and provision of the right support. When we complete the evaluation, we may be able to tell you what the underlying issues are and how they impact your child. We will also provide the type of speech therapy services your child needs, a treatment plan (if they needs therapy), the frequency and timeline for therapy. 

How Long Will The Evaluation Take?

The speech/language evaluation is conducted in two to five visits at the clinic, depending  upon the needs of the child. At the completion of the evaluation an extensive report will  be provided to you detailing our findings, recommendations and an individualized  treatment plan (if therapy is recommended). The results and recommendations of all  evaluations will be reviewed with you (two weeks after the completion of the written report). 

Please submit the questionnaire to expedite your child’s  evaluation process. Some questions may not apply to your child or the information may  be difficult to recall. Please answer as best as you can. It is important that this  questionnaire be completed and returned prior to the first appointment, as this will be used to determine the evaluation procedure and the types of tests to administer to your child. Be assured that all information will be kept strictly confidential.