At Innovative Therapy Services,
We Believe

Children of all ages with language delays or disabilities should receive speech and language therapy services in the most “natural environment” as it is appropriate to their needs.

In providing compassionate and evidence-based speech and language therapy to children, empowering them to communicate effectively and confidently in all aspects of their lives. 

In building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients and their families, and to staying at the forefront of our field through ongoing education and research.

Proven Results



Clinic visits are conducted to evaluate speech and language skills dependent upon a patient's needs. Extensive and detailed evaluation reports provided and discussed with caretakers



We provide high quality Speech-Language Pathology services in a motivating, enriching and therapeutic environment that are tailored to provide individualized services to our patients



Through regular training sessions and professional development opportunities, our staff members have access to the latest insights and tools for delivering high-quality services to our clients