We want the children to experience, learn, grow and use the skills.

Our team are all highly experienced.

We use evidenced based approaches

Come grow with us.

Welcome to Innovative Therapy Services!

With a multi-sensory approach, our goal is to encourage the children to experience, learn, and grow using the skills taught in therapy for outside of the therapy setting. From active or quiet activities, fine/gross motor activities, or inside/outside activities…We make therapy learning FUN! 

We are a group of speech-language pathologists that apply the best practices of our profession in a warm, friendly and motivating environment. We respect each child’s individuality and work with the family and other professionals always with the child’s best interests in mind.

  • Our team are all highly experienced and have all undertaken extensive advanced studies in their given areas of expertise.
  • we are skilled at blending our professional experiences into practical hands on approach when addressing each individual child’s speech and language needs.
  • Our team are all highly experienced and have all undertaken extensive advanced studies in their given areas of expertise. Read more 

Social Skills Program


Our All for 3’s social skills groups provide practice opportunities in small groups to encourage students learn and generalize new social skills to multiple real life situations. In the programs we enhance social skills by increasing the frequency of real life simulated situations for children to learn.  All for 3’s social group program follows a 14 cycle. During the 14 weeks the therapist and the clients establish individualized goals. The goals are established from the screening, 2-3 weeks of observations and input from parents. The group meets ones a week for one hour or sometimes for 2 hours depending on the events.  Upon the completion of the 14 weeks, the therapist meets with the client and their guardian or parents to review progress and re-enroll for the next 14 weeks cycle. Read more

Off Site Services


We know that not all families are able to leave work and bring their children to our clinic, therefore we do provide off site services. We a variety of services off site. At school, children need to be able to understand language to follow classroom directions, effectively express themselves to others using age/grade-level vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure, and be able to ask and answer a variety of questions in order to be successful learners. They also need to be able to speak fluently without pauses or repetitions (stuttering) and use a quality of voice that is appropriate for their age and gender.We offer a number of options to parents and schools. Therefoe we support your child either at home or at the school. Read More 

Social Skills Language Camp


Summer day camp for typical able peers and peers struggling with ASD, ADHD and other social language disorders to help successfully navigating the social world. PLSS day camp is about successfully navigating the social world. We encourage and expand on our campers’ language and problem solving skills using evidence based approaches in the natural settings. PLSS campers learn from each other as well as from their instructors.We only accept 6 campers with social skills difficulty and 3-4 typical able peers. The one -to -one therapist/peer sessions and community intervention program is the cornerstone of our unique approach. All  our campers must be screened to be sure that our camp will be appropriate for the camper. Each group runs 4 days a week for 4 weeks. We offer each group in two sessions, lessons will change if the same campers enroll in both sessions. However, if we enroll new campers, we will repeat similar lessons from the previous sessions.  Read More


We offer outstanding, small-group training for parents and people who provide services to preschool and school age children with language delays and social skills delays/disorders. These workshops provide evidence-based approaches to empowering parents, educators and others with the knowledge and skills necessary to support children with communication and social delays or disorders. Read More 

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