Our All 3's Social Skills Groups

Aims to provide practice opportunities for clients in small groups. It allows participants to learn and generalize new social skills in real life situations.

In the programs, we provide real life social situations/scenarios and we also provide multiple opportunities for the children to practice and master each skills. 

All 3’s is child centered, in that we use activities and tasks that the children enjoy and look forward to practicing.

We Focus On

Problem Solving

What Are Social Skills?

Social skills are a set of verbal and non-verbal communication skills that we use daily to get along with other people. We take these skills for granted, but for others, these skills are challenging. A child with social skills difficulties can have a hard time adjusting to changes in his or her environment and may act out verbally and physically with other people. 

Social skills difficulties may lead to poor self-esteem, argumentativeness, oppositional behavior, and may even result in the child being rejected by other children.

All 3's Program Works By

Grouping clients according to similar needs, personalities, age range, and skill level.

Inviting 1 or 2 neurotypical peers to groups to increase more natural opportunities and generalization of social skills.

Hosting groups of 2 to 3 children that are guided by our speech pathologists.

Running continuous sessions with well-documented summary reports.


We recommend this service for children diagnosed with ADHD, Language Disorders, Language Delays, Autism, and any Developmental Disorder that impacts a child’s social relationship.

Skills Worked On By Age Group