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Social Skills

All students need opportunities to play,  learn and solve problems for themselves. Click below for great tips and ideas to get you moving.   TODDLER/PRESCHOOLER  ACTIVITIES  Early Play Building Relationship through Words Simple turn-taking Turn-taking Essential Social skills Activities for preschoolers  EARLY SCHOOL AGE Use some of the games below to help the child learn simple rules...
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Oral Motor Activities

The movement and coordination of the lips, tongue,  jaw, teeth and the hard/soft palate are very important in speech production, safe swallowing, and consuming various food textures. The activity ideas share are only suggestions, please do seek professional help for further guidance. Exercises to Improve Oral Motor Increasing tongue elevation oral motor homework
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Your child's  vocabulary maybe very basic and his sentences maybe short, ungrammatical and incomplete, but don't let that stop you from helping him learn the power of communication. It is important you use some of the tips from this page to help your child learn and build his communication skills. Expressive and Receptive language disorder affects how the child communicates with people with...
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You are gonna love all our fun researched-inspired speech activities! Just click below for great ideas to get you moving. Initial b-sounds simple b-sound Initial h-sounds Simple r-sounds s-clusters I spy r-sounds      
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