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Building Early Communication Through Play

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A four Course Parent Workshop:  Bi-Weekly (Friday, April 8th -May 20th)

This workshop targets the bumpy road that all parents experience during their child’s early communication acquisition. By the end of the four session workshop, parents will:

  • Understand the importance of play in communication
  • Understand types of play appropriate for children 12 mos to 5 years
  • Understand the stages of play and customize your play kit for your child’s level of play.
  • Understand how to play with your child with communication needs
  • Understand how to build on language and play off of current skills/social stage.



Building Early Communication Through Play

Past Workshops

Building Blocks for Social Skills & Thinking Socially Inside Out


DATES: February 20th, 2016
TIME: 8:30 am to 11: 30 am
LOCATION: 1090 Homestead Road,
Santa Clara, Ca 95050
More than ever parents and educators are discovering that some children have difficulties with social interactions and social expectations. Some of these children may or may not be diagnosed with social learning disabilities. However, they still need support! The focus of this workshop is to provide participants with evidenced based functional problem solving strategies and social self-monitoring strategies. Participants in this workshop will learn how to recognize and support school age children exhibiting the following problems:

  • Processing nonverbal body language
  • Trouble with conversational skills
  • Awkward interaction behaviors in social situation
  • One-sided conversations
  • Misinterpretation of communication messages/intent
  • Socially naive children
  • Disruptive, rude, or disrespectful.


Fun with Feeding your Infants and Toddlers
DATE: March 21st, 2015
TIME: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
LOCATION: 1090 Homestead Road,
Santa Clara, Ca 95050

The focus of this workshop is to share great ideas for dealing with feeding issues and oral motor-sensory issues.

Workshop Benefits:
Teachers, Parents, therapists and others


Early Intervention for Young Children- Dare to be determined
The focal point of this workshop is connecting and supporting young children’s language skills daily.

  • Participants will understand types of language delays and other developmental delays (autism, asperger, ADHD and other disabilities that affect language skill
  • Participants will gain an understanding on how to provide support and the steps to develop an effective intervention action plan
  • Participants will understand research based language intervention and strategies
  • Participants will create strategies to use in the home and at school. More Information Coming Soon!

We offer outstanding, small-group training for parents and people who provide services to preschool and school age children with language delays and social skills delays/disorders. These workshops provide evidence-based approaches to empowering parents, educators and others with the knowledge and skills necessary to support children with communication and social delays or disorders.

All Workshops Presented By:
Uduak (Udie) Osom, MA., CCC-SLP and the ITS TEAM.
Contact: Jakia Parker (office manager ) for sign up information (408) 241-2229 / Email: Jakia at
or Udie at
Limited spaces (Not more than 15 people per class)[/dropshadowbox]