I love the “homework ” aspect. I love that she couples speech therapy with various activities, I like how she tracks all the things that go on in the session. And she is encouraging to us regarding Luke’s progress.

Alina (Parent) 🙂

Look how far Ryan has come… Many thanks to you! 4 years sure goes by fast. Kim and I can’t thank you enough for all of your efforts. Have a Happy Holidays with your family
Kim (Parent) 😆

Thank you so much for such a great work experience. You are both awesome people to work for! I really enjoyed all of my clients, as well as their families and I certainly learned a lot in the last several months (especially about Autism) 🙂 Thank you too for making me feel so valued and appreciated. I hope my new employer makes me feel ½ as important as the two of you have. Take care.
Kendra 🙂

Thank you for your skilled & timely presence at our IEP meeting and for you follow-up & follow through afterward. You are truly an asset to Jaines’team and help us not give up hope! The journey continues and we’re thrilled that your support and leadership are with us.
Sera (Parent)  🙂

Thanks again, the photo we’re sending shows Sean gnawing happily on a leg of chicken! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Your recommendation to feed him solids at each meal before milk/formula has really been great!
Tammy (Parent) 😛

Please continue the Innovation in play and learning that children get.
Sharing notes and homework in a continuous manner helps to keep track of goals & tasks. Workshop during summer was great. THX! 😎
First week at ITS was very good and memorable. Udie’s workshop and advice between sessions and during consults were valuable. Look forward to more such moments. Thanks for being there for us!
Brenda (parent) 😉

Speaking on behalf of my family, we are pleased we found this clinic. Thanks to the awesome team at Innovative, our daughter Abigail is now talking up a storm. The two therapists that worked with Abigail for the past 2 years were very patient and provided us with enough information to work with Abigail outside of the therapy clinic.

Casandra (Parent) 😀