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Explorers Camp


Required Skills to Enroll in Explorers Camp

  • Begins to use appropriate words and actions to express own desires and, when needed with some support from an adult.
  • Begins to considers the needs or interests of another child when there is a conflict, but may not know how to solve it  or offer solutions.
  • Sometimes follows simple social rules and routines to refrain from acting impulsively but often needs adult guidance and support.
    begins to notice other people’s moods and feelings.
  • Begins use adult-structured turn-taking procedures, including rules and cues.
  • Able to  with some adult support plays play with peers.
  • Begins to engage simple conversations with adult support.
  • Able to share simple information about his or her day.
  • Understands one- and two-step instructions and requests about familiar routines.
  • Able to answer and ask  where, Where and what questions.

Target Skills and Concepts

This group offers opportunity for children to learn to solve conflicts, talk it out and to know about their feelings.  We teach social skills through fun, exciting activities! The following areas are emphasized in this camp:
  • We discuss social expectations of friendships by role playing and modeling.
  •  We define the different levels of friendships (acquaintances, casual friends, best friends etc.).
  • We encourage active and reflective body language and understanding of subtle para-verbal
  • We learn how to show interest in other people’s conversation, and how to shift topics.
  • We assist the students in communicating effectively.
  • We are taught how get our points across and how to use reasoning skills effectively.
  • We practice skills in the community engaging in fun adventures such as, shopping and baking.
    adventures, water day, science and adventure, make and take etc.

Who should Enroll in this Camp?

This group is for children ranging in age from 5 +8 years-old needing help with social skills and language development. We group kids according to age and skills level.

More Information

  • The groups are ratio of 10 kids, 3-4 typical and 6 kids needing social skills support (Groups cannot exceed 10 kids).
  • Parents are welcome to attend field trips, but they cannot participate with kids as we are attempting to foster independence and problem solving.
  • We offer each group in two sessions, lessons will change if the same campers enroll in both sessions.