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Bumble Bees Camp

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  • Begins to follow one part directions
  • Able to play alone, but near other children
  • Able to make choices between two things
  • Begins to notice other people’s moods and feelings
  • Begins to combine words and sentences
  • Able to plays next to others and imitate others
  • Begins to engage in constructive play
  • Begins to share simple information
  • Begins to answer and ask simple where and what questions.

This group offers opportunity for children to learn to solve conflicts, talk it out and to know about their feelings.  We teach social skills through fun, exciting activities! The following areas are emphasized in this camp:

  • Learn to use language to play with friends and share ideas
  • Learn to share feelings with others
  •  Learn to use more words and phrases to problem solve conflicts with our friends
  •  Learn to listen to friends’ emotions and understand personal his or her emotions
  • Learn to share our emotions and personal space
  • Learn to share about things we like
  • Learn to listen to our friends
  • Learn to ask friends questions about things when they talk to us.

This group is for young children ranging in age from 2+-4+ years-old needing help with social skills development and appropriate typical peers. We group kids according to age and skills levels

  • The groups are ratio of 5-6 kids, 2-3 typical and 3-4 kids needing social skills support (Groups cannot exceed 6 kids).
  • Parents are welcome to attend field trips, but they cannot participate with kids as we are attempting to foster independence and problem solving
  • We offer each group in two sessions, lessons will change if the same campers enroll in both sessions