Students enrolled in this group are often ready to learn the following 3 cores social skills:

  1. Emotional Regulation (recognize, label, and regulate their feelings demonstrate empathy toward others, read
    others emotions and body language).
  2. Listening and Talking ( greets, initiates talking, make comments, ask questions, listens and follows rules in
    games, share ideas, ask to talk, relates ideas during games) participate cooperative play, resolve con of the
  3. Building Friendship (participate cooperative play, resolve conflicts with peers, decide who to play with, share
    ideas, problems solve simple conflicts, learns to follow rules, share and turn take, apply imagination)

Objective Outline

Listening and Talking

 Asking and Answering questions
 Starting a conversation
 Expanding conversation/commenting
 Joining a conversation/Sharing Ideas
 Following Directions
 Ignoring
 Learning active listening
Building Friendship
 Inviting someone to play
 Joining ongoing play
 Giving peers directions
 Accepting directions from peers
 Using imagination
 Being a good sport
 Accepting change in play
 Standing one’s ground
 Transitioning from play to learning
Body Language/Emotional Regulation
 Reading 7 universal body language
 Reading 7 facial expressions
 Expressing one’s feelings
 Understanding other’s feelings