Tiny Tots Social Skills Program


Our All for 3’s toddler and early preschool social skills program offers an opportunity for young children with social or language delays to learn skills in a more natural setting and to generalize their skills with a maximum amount of adult support. The toddler/early Preschool  social skills program are taught through a variety of child centered approaches and activities. These may include modeling, repetitions, sign language, gestures and incidental teaching. The clinicians use play and reinforcement to maintain the interest and motivation of the children throughout the session.

Tiny Tots Group

Talking Time

  • Language and communication
  • Joint attention (looking at other people to draw attention to something interesting and share in experiencing it)
  • Asking questions and Answering questions
  • Story Album (sharing prior knowledge)


  • Pretend/imaginative play
  • Showing off
  • Following directions
  • Learning to attend and listen
  • Trying new things and accepting errors
  • Engaging in purposeful play