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Social Skills Program

All for 3’s social skills groups provide practice opportunities in small groups to encourage students learn to generalize new social skills to multiple real life situations. In the programs we enhance social skills by increasing the frequency of real life simulated situations for children to learn. All for 3’s is child  centered, in that we use activities and tasks that the children enjoy and look forward to practicing. 

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Nuts and Bolts 

    • We invite 1-2 neuro-typical peers to these groups to increase more natural opportunities and generalization of the skills.
    • Clients are grouped according to similar needs, personalities, age range and skill level.
    • All for 3’s social group program meets once a week for one hour.
    • Groups typically consist of two to three children, with 1 or 2 speech pathologist (s) leading the groups.
    • Our programs are continuous, with summary report given at end of 14 weeks and a new cycle begins.
  • We provide services for children diagnosed with Asperger, Social delays, Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD.


Contact (408) 241-2229 or email: ussom@pediatricspeech.com