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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Application

Looking for something fun to do? You can join us!. We are looking for peers ages 3-16. Our peers get to attend field trips for free. Please complete the initial application form and email: info@pediatricspeech.com

Be a Peer Model 

We are always looking for volunteers ages 10-20 to act as peer/buddy  for our clients that may have more limited language and need opportunities to use their communication systems to practice with others.

Young/Adult Volunteers

We would be delighted to have someone help send email reminders, home work to parents, do some generic photographic work, filing lessons, copying lessons, helping with setting up field trips. Occasionally we stage special events and workshops, and volunteers can get involved during and after these events with everything from helping us with entertainment to set up, take down and write thank you notes.

Minimum Requirements

  • All volunteers must complete a volunteer application which stays on file with Innovative Therapy Volunteer Coordinator.
  • If a volunteer is under 18, then a parent or guardian must be present and sign the Volunteer Application as well as the youth.
  • We require: finger printing, CPR and 4 hours volunteer training for volunteers ages 18 –up. Please contact our office manager to make arrangements for CPR (if your CPR is not up to date), finger printing and training classes. Contact (408) 241-2229 or ussom@pediatricspeech.com.