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Off Site Services

At school, children need to be able to understand language to follow classroom directions, effectively express themselves to others using age/grade-level vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure, and be able to ask and answer a variety of questions in order to be successful learners. They also need to be able to speak fluently without pauses or repetitions (stuttering) and use a quality of voice that is appropriate for their age and gender.We offer a number of options to parents and schools.
Screening Services: Speech and Language screening is available for all students throughout the year at their school site. The Speech Pathologist will block out 3 to 5 days on her calendar to conduct the screening at the school site. Contact us for more details ussom@pediatricspeech.com
School Therapy Services: We also provide speech therapy at private school sites. Our speech therapy program is designed to meet a child’s individual needs. Our expert speech-language pathologists will support the child/children with the following conditions or difficulties at their school site.Contact us for more details ussom@pediatricspeech.com.
  • Receptive and/or expressive language delays/disorders
  • Oral motor and feeding challenges Apraxia and dyspraxia
  • Auditory processing challenges Phonology/articulation challenges,
  • Stuttering
  • Social Skills
  • Evaluation
In Home Therapy: Specific to Early Intervention clients (12 months – 3 years), in addition to toddler-school age (4 – 7 years).  ITS clinicians visit the home to conduct speech, language, feeding and swallowing therapy. Client/Family must adhere to the terms and conditions of in home therapy as stated in the Financial Agreement – Terms & Conditions Form.
Saturday Therapy: ITS office is opened up on Saturdays for services – evaluation, screenings, assessments, speech & language therapy. Check in with the office for updates on Saturday therapy.
Consultative Services: For more time to consult, train and educate (parents, teachers, therapists and other persons working with the child) a consultation session can be scheduled and a fee of $160.00 per hour.
  • Individualized Educational Plan (Explaining and describing your child’s progress in our program, current speech, language or social skills needs
  • Collaborate with other professionals (sharing and exchanging our professional knowledge as it relates to your child’s communication needs
  • Reading / Editing Reports: $160.00  (not to exceed 3 hours)
For more information, contact ussom@pediatricspeech.com  408-241-2229