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Required Skills to Enroll in Navigators Camp

  • Begins to understand and express humor in an attempt to entertain peers
  • Sometimes uses cohesive language to persuade/dissuade in group activities or tasks
  • Knows how to sometimes express support and console others with some support
  • Begins to understand how to politely offer help and request help during group activities
  • Knows how to engage in conversations of various topics with some support.
Target Skills and Concepts
This group offers opportunity for children to learn to solve conflicts, talk it out and to know about their feelings.  We teach social skills through fun, exciting activities! The following areas are emphasized in this camp:
  • We discuss social expectations of friendships by role playing and modeling.
  •  We define the different levels of friendships (acquaintances, casual friends, best friends etc.).
  • We learn how to show interest in other people’s conversation, and how to shift topics.
  • We assist the students in communicating effectively.
  • We teach how  to get our points across and how to use reasoning skills effectively.
  • We practice skills social community activities such as  bake sale, photography etc.
  • We practice  para-verbal and non-verbal skills and  “Social Self-Monitoring”.
  • We work on  different levels of friendship, teasing behaviors!

Who should Enroll in this Camp?

This group is for children ranging in age from 12 to 14+ years-old needing help with social skills and language development. We group kids according to age and skills level.

More Information

  • The groups are ratio of 10 kids, 3-4 typical and 6 kids needing social skills support (Groups cannot exceed 10 kids).
  • Parents are welcome to attend field trips, but they cannot participate with kids as we are attempting to foster independence and problem solving.
  • We offer each group in two sessions, lessons will change if the same campers enroll in both sessions.