Clinic Information

We are a group of speech-language pathologists that apply the best practices of our profession in a warm, friendly and motivating environment. ITS clinic offers speech and language therapy for children of all ages. Our clinic is approximately 1600 sq. feet, with five therapy rooms. We respect each child’s individuality and work with the family and other professionals always with the child’s best interests in mind. Our team are all highly experienced and have all undertaken extensive advanced studies in their given areas of expertise. At ITS we are skilled at blending our professional experiences into practical hands on approach when addressing each individual child’s speech and language needs.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing our patients and their families with the highest quality Speech-Language Pathology services in a motivating, enriching and therapeutic environment.It is our mission to seek and apply the best, individualized therapy solution tailored to each child’s speech and language learning needs.

Our Approaches

  • As a child and family center practice, our focus is to improve speech, language, and communication skills. Therapy is geared to facilitate, encourage children and their families to attain targeted goals in all settings.
  • Therapy is child-centered and family-friendly, embracing evidenced based developmental approaches. We believe that in order for children to receive the maximum benefit from our services the family must be actively involved with the therapy process. Therefore we encourage parents to observe and actively participate in their child’s therapy sessions.
  • Speech therapy sessions are conducted during or after school on a weekly basis. Our therapists provide therapy at the clinic, in the home, and at your child’s daycare. During the summer, for those children who receive speech therapy services during the school year, we offer speech therapy that will focus not only on maintaining the skills the child has achieved during the school year but building upon those skills. Often times during the summer months, children regress due to the absence of school based speech therapy.
  • We do not teach skills based on popular prescribed programs, rather we apply evidenced based approaches that are applicable to each individual child.
  • Our goal is to improve your child’s quality of life with continued progress through personalized and proven methods of treatment.

Insurance Information

We are  a vendor for San Andreas Regional Center. While we do on occasion accept payments from commercial insurance, it is not our standard practice. However, we will provide you with all necessary documents to file your claims and we can even assist in filing the claims, but the payment from the insurance goes directly to you. Please speak to your insurance representative directly regarding your insurance coverage, even if we have already done so for you. We encourage you to speak to your insurance representative in order to avoid any misunderstanding and confusion.Please click here to view some Insurance Suggestion Guide