Students enrolled in this group are often ready to learn the following 3 core social skills:

  1. Self -Regulation Skills (recognize and understanding one’s own emotions as well as emotions that are expressed by
    others. Read other’s cues and body language)
  2.  Conversational Skills (greet others, share and listen to information, starting a conversation, maintaining a
    conversation, change topics, make comments, ask questions, announcing one’s actions, listening, body language).
  3. Problem Solving Skills (deciding if it is fair, sharing, playing with others, friendship rules, making choices, knowing
    what to do, talking it through, teasing etc.)

Target Skills

Conversation Skills
 Learning to initiate and expand ideas
 Asking and Answering questions
 Making comments and Changing topics
 Learning to end conversations
 Negotiating during conversations
Friendship Skills
 Knowing how to make and keep friends
 Entering ongoing games/conversations
 Problem solving friendship problems
 Standing one’s ground
 Sharing ideas during games
 Understanding Teasing
 Sharing and Understanding feelings
Body Language
 Active Listening
 Reading 9 subtle emotions
 Responding appropriately to 9 universal body language